How long has Greystone Construction been in business?
Peter C. Alecxih Jr. founded Greystone Construction in 1989. The company started doing custom tile and stone installation both in residential and commercial applications. In 1991 we built our first home, it sold immediately after completion and since that time we have focused solely on designing and building custom homes.

What size company is Greystone Construction?
Greystone Construction is not a production builder and therefore compared to many construction companies we are fairly small. Ten individuals comprise our current staff. It is our belief that the difference is in the details and by employing our own craftsmen; we can provide the level of detail required by our clientele

Does Greystone use subcontractors?
We feel that there is certain specialty phases of the construction process that are best carried out by a group of select subcontractors. Examples of this would be plumbing, electrical and HVAC. We generally use relatively small companies where the principle of the firm is involved in the day-to-day operations. We always use the same contractors from job to job in order to insure quality and follow through.

What price range of house does Greystone build?
Although we do not have a minimum price range, there is a certain budget required to construct a home using the materials and designs that have brought us to where we are today. We have built homes starting in the $375,000 price range on up to homes valued at well over a $1,000,000. In what areas does Greystone build? We primarily build homes in Lancaster, York and the surrounding areas.

How does the design/build process work?
The design process begins with knowing what lot or property that the house will be built on. After we walk the lot with the clients we meet with them for a thorough and detailed discussion of the design and budget parameters for the project. We then begin the initial design process using latest in C.A.D. systems. Our goal is to "marry" the features and views of the lot with the practical and aesthetic design requirements of the owner. Upon presentation of our initial design, more meetings and design work follow until we have generated a full set of working drawings, a complete specification and a contract.

How do I get started?
Please feel free to use the contact sections of this web site to request a meeting with our design staff or if you prefer, you may call us at the phone number listed on the home page.

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